Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wind, snow flurries and Spring

Ah, Ambivalence and both are thorns! So much of a serious nature that needs to be done and I'm wondering around Google search looking up things related to the up coming fishing season. I had planned to venture to Boston today to visit with friends for a few hours. Alas the wind is too high and I decided to stay put. Those 30 mph gusts blow wind down the chimney which results in at least smoke in the living room. And there is always the concern that the wind will down a tree, zero out the power and leave the house and it's inhabitants (the old cat and the parrot are of particular concern here as the dogs would have gone with me) frozen along with the water pipes. This line of reasoning (if that is what it is) is why I need to move. Too much time spent pondering the "what ifs". The weather drives this fear and then once started, I manage quite well on my own! :)

Here is a site with images of Trout. When I'm chilled I'll surf over here:

The Ave Maria is playing on the classical music station. Calming. Clear and melodic Latin hymns always take me back to quiet of a convent boarding school - Flintridge. That was so long ago - yet the influence persists to this day. A story for another day perhaps. Perhaps I should attend to the studying I need to complete for the damned certification class that I committed my time and effort to for the next few weeks. As Sister Mary Ann would say "Upward and Onward..."

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