Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Is Coming....oooops....Came

Fifteen or so months since I last attempted to add an entry to this blog.  The long winter of my personal journey with creativity.  A brief update:  I continue to live in southern Oregon.   The peace and tranquility of this place by the lake is seductive.  The serenity that abides in this tiny community fairly hums its  own peaceful tune throughout the day and  night.  There are about forty homes around our tiny man-made lake.  The view from my small house is off the park and the lake in the front and the alfalfa fields behind the house.  When I moved to this place I did not know that this lay in the middle of the significant Pacific migration fly way. Each season has introduced me to thousands of water fowl and a huge variety of song birds and raptors.  This past summer was the fourth year of draught.  Brush fires where a constant worry.  In fact many forests burned all around us. The Basin filled with weeks of choking smoke.  El Nino arrived as promised and dropped much needed rain and snow all around the Basin and in the Cascade Mountains.    

I am learning much of the wild life in this place.  I am posting a few photos of last years migration.  It is just beginning again this past two weeks.  The Bald Eagles (about a 1000 of them winter here), Swans and Snow Geese are on Tule Lake and the Lower Klamath.  It is a breath taking event.

 That is it for tonight.  I hope all my friends in the cyber-village are well and happy.  Those of you that I follow I apologize for the absence.  I do so fervently hope you are still writing!