Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The forest and the trees

Relation-ships can be rather like that old saying "can't see the forest through the trees...". The dense forest and human relationships can be a tangle of branches and 'trunks' vying for space in the sun. When it goes well that occasional intertwining of branches is ...okay - now and then that intimacy is sublime. There can be other moments - times when the humans/ trees feel clautrophobic and mean. Not separate trees but elements of a huge organic forest - difficult to tell which is tree and which is forest. We fail to truly see one another because each has sprouted too many branches - suckers, that choke the life out of that little section of the forest floor. Light and oxygen and other essentials are more difficult to absorb. Sometimes we can stand back and say that 'elm/he/she' is nice or that 'ash'/she' is sturdy and other times we can't find the specimen we once admired because the forest appears to be a tangle of branches and leafs again. This week I heard from an X. The person is looking for money to pay bills. 'The water and electric have been shut off.' There is no financial obligation here. I am worried as I would be for any one without heat in this damnable cold winter. But I have no extra resources to help. Why did I think this specimen was so special a long time ago? The forest we eventually occupied was unbearably dense for both of us. It seems a bed of troublesome roots twiny vines is reaching out. I don't want to be there again. Damn.

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