Monday, August 16, 2010

Home again, Home again

                                             hospital + home

Whew A LOT  has happened in just weeks.  Moved the household a week and a half ago.  LOVE the new (to me) abode.  My sister was my right hand.  Truth be told, I simply could not have done this without her help.  Sisterhood is a wonderful thing and a special blessing!  Then one week after the move, I checked into the hospital for a total knee replacement.   What a journey.  Went to St. Joseph's in Tacoma where the "Joint Camp" staff of therapists, nurses, physicians and nursing assistants were simply outstanding.  Three and half days later I was able to go home with my son up from So Cal and a walker in tow.  Am gradually learning to trust my new bionic knee.    Have to exercise three to four times a day.  Also have to stay ahead of pain.  It is a amazing journey that has been made so much more attainable thanks to a whole team of intelligent,  compassionate caregivers!  My son will stay at home with me for a week.  As I regain mobility and find that the pain of bone on bone begins to fade  ~ I feel joyful, thankful and blessed.  Okay,  I am sort of heating our heat wave but that too will pass!

 Hope summer is treating all my cyber-writing friends well.   When I am on less pain meds will write more.