Friday, March 14, 2008

The Mountain in the View

Today has been pleasant. Went for a swim, followed by a trip to a junk shop and found a great little Japanese tea pot (love green tea), down to Mass to attend to some business and then have a Chinese lunch by myself. Had a chat with one of the waiters. He is a young man from Tibet. He has been following the violent events there in the blogospere. I gave him the Blog of Note about Tibet. It must be hard to be safe and know that others like you are not. After lunch took the back roads home.
Yesterday I read part of a blog written by a graduate student who was wondering about living alone vs living closer to his place of study. I am putting part of what he wrote here. It is in quotations but I can't remember the blog site. Will try to properly attribute this later.
“so the choice at hand is not just about living alone (which i do love and miss) versus living with other people. the choice is about living in a more engaged way: being in a central location where people drop by, hosting events at my house”
That is the central idea that I'm struggling with these days. It has been difficult living so far away from others because snow removal, heating, and isolation have been challenges. When I have been unwell it has been perhaps a little frightening. However, in general, living alone is not hard and as with the above author, I also like it. But living away from other people is another matter. I would like to be some where that people could, in fact, drop by and where asking folks for dinner wasn't asking them to take on a major safari. Conversation about politics, books, art, even sharing the treasure of the forest is nearly impossible here for at least 6 months of the year. Silence is dear when I draw or write or search out objects to photograph. Hearing other voices is also dear. Ah the "choice" indeed.

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