Sunday, June 8, 2008

a final good-bye to Wildwood

Photos from the final days in Wildwood. Lush and green. All reminders of a long and cold winter are vanished. I've left this little Eden and am heading west. Far dryer (draught conditions as a matter of fact) and hotter. Winter, they tell me 'can be as cold as 20 degrees'... heaven smite me with it!

I've been pondering whether or not to close this site and have decided NOT. I want to explore the difference of two life styles...with the reminder of the colder, more isolated place in front of my memory. It was also calmer, with time for soul searching and exploring the richness of solitude.
For all it's beauty, one must endure the black fly season followed by mosquito season in this isolated New England place. I will not miss that. Friends and companions are another matter. They will be greatly missed. But time to move and start a new job...the Ark moves West....