Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1st and Winter persists

It is just after 7 AM and I sit at my desk watching yet another snow storm blanket the area with perhaps 8 or more inches of snow. It begs the question: when will this melt? Will it ever be warm enough again for it to melt? Obviously this long season is getting to me for I despair of ever feeling or seeing warm weather. Perhaps despair is to strong - I should say I worry. :) Hope I can hold on to the feeling of this frigid winter when it is 90 F and humid. New England is that way. There are folks all over the world who would chuckle at this whining. Snow is up to and over their roof tops. I apologize to those unknown souls for being a wimp. I'm tired of the cold and the battle to clear a walk way or drive to work on ice. Fortunately, I am home for several weeks. Am taking a certification course and have the luxury of sitting this storm out. Perhaps by the time I have to return to work it will be mud season and we will be heading toward a real Spring. For any one who doesn't know it: DAY LIGHT SAVINGS begins next Sunday. Bliss. Even the manipulation of time to create the illusion of more light in March is A-OK with me.

The fire wood is almost gone. So three cords lasted from November through February. Have 5/8ths of a tank of oil. I have no idea how long that will last. Another cord of wood would be good but there is no where to unload it as there is so much snow in the drive way.

Another trek to a warmer climate may be in the future. I've managed this winter but it has been difficult. It's a physical challenge for a nearly 60 year old woman to do all this shoveling and wood hauling and to live in a house that is somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees. Still, now I know I can do it and there is something to that. It is too far from people. No worries about my dogs barking but the sight of other people and simple conversations are missed. I've learned to live with an amazing amount of quite. So there is something in all that but it is not how I want to spend the rest of my days on earth - however many that may be.

The little section of the world that I gaze out on is serene. That heavy blanket of snow on ground and tree is graceful. Sometimes I forget what normal human noise is. Bird sounds are the only intrusion here. Occasionally the stream near by breaks through it's icy lid and sends a message of busy, rushing energy. Those "Sounds of Silence" - all a delight to the ear. Still I ponder warmer times. Perhaps if I had a snow mobile or had the physical ability to snow shoe I would have different thoughts of winter. Whenever we are expanded in ability life seems more a joy than a task.

Tomorrow I will head to town for a swim in an indoor pool and pretend that I am somewhere tropical for a half an hour!


aliqot said...

Wow, New Hampshire must be entirely different in the winter. We visited in October - just your typical leaf-peepers I suppose. Fulfilling an ambition to see glorious New England in the fall.
Brilliant - we stayed near Plymouth in a cabin/cottage near Loon Lake - probably a common enough name. Sandwiched between a wekk in Maine and a few days in Vermont. Stunningly beautiful part of the world.

Here in the UK we hardly see snow these days. Global warming, I suppose, but it's almost five years since we had a frost hard enough for skating on a flooded filed in the fens, and I can't remember when we were snowed in.
Though we had about ten minutes of snow last week, and it's not warm yet.

You have some great pictures on your blog too. As our weather forecasters keep telling us, 'Wrap up warm.'

PS I'm nearly 61. There are plenty of us in the blogosphere.

Wildwoods Home said...

Great to hear from you and all the way from the UK! Glad you enjoyed the photos. I'll read your blog as well. "Ten minutes of snow" ...ah well, I can dream! :)

aliqot said...

Oh my, if you've visted my blog in the last day or two it looks like a feminist tract! I am a feminist, but...there's a lot of other stuff too. I've only been blogging regularly since last December, though I set it up well before then.