Friday, March 7, 2008

more wood...

I try to conserve but this week I ran out of wood. Fortunately I found one local man who sells an honest cord. It is pricey but it is seasoned but not dry. Can't get the new cord to the wood room out behind the house so am carting some onto the porch to keep it dry and have covered the rest until I can figure out where and how to stack it. It is exhausting to tote it up stairs and onto the porch while skidding on the ice. Still, what a relief not to worry about heat. This should do it for March and April. Oil is like gold - a tankful over $700.00
Tonight more rain. Flood warnings are up. Bonny and Clyde are awake in the basement...the constant rain has created a stream that seems to make the salamanders happy. Clyde is larger than he was in the Fall. Hibernation is a good thing! Rain and ice tomorrow. Wonder if I will see Bonnie and Clyde Jr's. Back to the business of wood stacking on Monday.
THIS SUNDAY is the BEGINNING of DAY LIGHT SAVINGS! Spring is a couple of weeks away. More LIGHT. More WARMTH! AND the fishing season will open. Bliss!

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