Saturday, March 8, 2008

fog on the lake

The lakes and ponds are still frozen but not for much longer. I've included a photo of one of the ice fishing shacks that dot the lakes in this area through the winter. I noticed a number of men heading out on their ATVs to the center of these frozen bodies of water. It is drizzling and a low fog hangs above the snow and ice. The rain splatters to the wintry mix below and up comes the fog. I love to fish - but not ice fish! Still I am fascinated by the little shacks that appear and disappear so quickly. I wonder how many sink because someone underestimated the thickness of the Spring ice. Ice out can happen in a flash. I hear that some of these fisherman have elaborate equipment and some just show up to fish with a buddy and a radio. I would be in that latter group. To me, even though fishing is a warm weather sport, it is also about listening to a friend and perhaps a radio during the broadcast of a baseball game. A way to celebrate the delicious days of summer and connections to people. Now is the time to rummage through the tackle box, change line and debate whether this year I will stick to fly fishing or just plain old spin casting. I'm a 'middling' angler - I do it for the pure joy of the activity. I catch and release unless I am also camping - then tell me what is tastier than fresh trout on an open fire? Ah Spring 'who loves to get sweets into your list, put that in...'
Maple sugaring started this week. So no matter that there is still snow on the ground the collection of maple sap heralds the coming of Spring. It does means I've survived another season. That I can participate in the seeking out of local eatery to have a small stack of pancakes and fresh maple syrup. Ah, so good! One of the rewards of making it through winter...well almost through winter!


aliqot said...

Mmm. Pancakes with maple syrup - memories of Polly's Pancake Parlor, near Franconia?

And a meal of salmon cooked with maple syrup and walnut. Good enough for us to put it on our Christmas menu. We're veggie, but eat fish, and (confession time) couldn't resist bacon with those pancakes.

My daughter now laughs at me and calls me a 'baco-vegetarian'. ;-)

Wildwoods Home said...
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