Sunday, December 27, 2009

End of the Year

I dutifully headed out to Weight Watchers on Saturday.  The roads were empty so it was a delightful jaunt through some of the back roads of Gig Harbor.  Finally found the location, stepped out of my car, stepped on the walk way and immediately fell on black ice.  Slid about 10 feet down hill with my right leg somehow twisted under me.  Okay folks this is an example of batting 0 for 0.  This past week I locked myself out of my car almost 60 miles from home (three cheers for cell phones and a lock smith with delightful sense of humor), then I locked my self out of my house on Friday (again yet another lock smith who was kind and pleasant).  On Friday night while madly cleaning,  in a desperate effort to end the domestic chaos, restore order and cleanliness and have the week end to myself, I forgot to check pockets and put not one but TWO Bluetooth devices through the clothes washer.  The universe speaks, does it not!

Anyway, back to Weight Watchers.  What a delightful group!  I like the new Momentum Plan.  Have a LONG way to go but have a couple of interim goals - like being able to comfortably fit into an airplane seat by October (trip to Italy with a friend in a women's travel group).  So wrecked knee or not, I was going to that meeting and did.

Came home to ice my knee and take some pain medication.  Will see an ortho doc on Monday.  Think I have shredded the cartilage rather badly.  The landlord at the building didn't sand or salt as it was a week-end...the little devil!  So much for movies every night but did manage to get "Avatar".  It was a visual WOW. Have many policy and procedures to will prop up in the recliner and get my work done.  And yes, I'm icing the knee.

I'm ready and waiting eagerly for 2010...I've decided an even number will bring luck.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Time to Celebrate

Yesterday the State Surveyors showed up at the little facility I've been commuting too for such a long time!  They cleared of all the many citations that has haunted that group for 8 weeks.  What a huge relief!  A lot of teaching and much learning as happened in two months.  Have a new Director and I think she is going to be GREAT! The former Director has a new role on our dementia care unit and I believe she will be a huge success there. Will begin to wean my presence down to three days a week there and eventually to a weekly visit. Now we can work on  policy and procedure in the delivery compassionate care!  It will be so interesting to see where the team is a year from now!

In the mean time, I set up my treadmill, vowed to never eat another meal in the car, joined WW,  plan to sleep MANY hours this week-end AND each night am going to see a movie!  OMG, actually having time to play....fabulous!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Christmas to Blogging Friends!

Sending my best good wishes to all for the holiday season.  May you and yours be blessed with happiness and good health!

In need of rest ...and exericse

Am so busy with work related matters that I have little energy for the rest of my life.  Am in need of a few restful nights and far more exercise than I can squeeze into my schedule at this moment in time.  Blogging and photography take a back seat as well.  Will be back in synch in a few more weeks...and the daily long commute goes away.  Until then, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watching me watching him

Perhaps the sunflower seeds were not to his liking or maybe it is the constant chatter from the parrot but this tiny friend is perched outside the window peering in at the early Sunday morning household.  The sun does not rise here until about 7:42 am.  The daylight is elusive and brief.  Hurry up little guy ~ fill up now as sunset is less than 8 hours away.

"Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin up in a high wind" 
Pincher Martin
~William Golding 

Sleep was also elusive so no 'sorting' done last night.  My little chihuahua-pug mix was up all night.  She sometimes has a delicate tummy and sometimes even her regular diet sets her off.  She climbs up on the bed and paces over me (like a cat) to let me know she needs to be let out of doors.  Tiny insistent feet demanding that I rise from slumber and attend to business...happened perhaps five times during the night.  Now I would like to call it a day and sleep all day but there is work to be done and therefore retreat is not an option.  Must make the long drive to BI and finish an audit.  The staff will be dismayed to see me on a week end.  Usually my presence means I am observing and teaching.  Today is a paper day.  Did the clinical documentation happen as it was suppose to have?

Am reading "Stones into Schools"by Greg Mortenson.  About educating the youth of Afghanistan.  Very interesting.

Okay, it is off to the world.  A peaceful Sunday to all.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

mushrooms, rest and dreams etc

The day began with a crisp,cold nip in the air and the weatherman just informed me that the high will be about 37F.  The early morning fog is beginning to lift and light clouds have vanished.  It is Saturday and my day of rest.  The house needs cleaning but it can wait.  Soft classical music plays in the background.  The dogs are enjoying simply lying around in their self-appointed spots and even the bad boy parrot is chirping quietly at the visiting birds outside his window.  Shalom ba byit (a rough transliteration for peace of the household).

"The kiss of the sun for pardon,
      The song of the birds for mirth --
                   One is nearest God's Heart in the garden
  Than anywhere else on earth."
~ Dorothy Guerney (1858 - 1932)

A brief walk outside informed me that the yard is full of autumn mushrooms.  I will have to look all these up:

I cleared out the part of the yard that the dogs use ~ but the rest were left in place.  Their shapes and color are fascinating.  I understand completely the belief that fairies live under them...sort wish they did.

The roses in the front of the house continue to bloom. The angelica is in full bloom in spite of the cold and earlier frosts.

Purple ice pansies standing guard at the front door are over-flowing their pot.

" 'We were walking along in the changing-time'  Doc said.  Any day now the change will come.  It's going to turn from hot to cold.' " 
The Wild Net and Other Stories
~ Gabrielle Roy

Winter's arrival is just 16 days away.  The 'hot ' is long gone and will be long in it's return.  My co-workers talk of putting studded tires on the car.  The New England in my mind can't fathom it.  'For several inches of snow?' it queries me.  'Isn't that why God invented the Subaru all wheel drive'?    So, at least for today, I will relax with the knowledge that somehow I managed many feet of snow for many years with my trusty Subarus.

One last note.  I had vivid dreams last night.  Didn't want to give into the insistence of the dogs that it was time that be let out and breakfast be served to was sad to leave that dream land world.  But back to the dream.  I was back in the Acworth, NH house.  A thick blanket of snow was on the ground.  The river was iced in and silent.  It all felt to real and so normal.  Every guest room was filled with friends, old and new.  There was laughter and conversation through out the house.  We sipped on hot coffee and teas and talked about the world.  I must be a bit homesick after having the kids here for the holiday.  Am feeling not so much blue as wistful.  Missing an old home.  Moving is out of the question.  Far too expensive and I can't take my job with me. The new friends would be left behind.  Ah life....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday at last...

I am busy and happy but I am also thrilled that it is Friday once again.  My favorite day of the week is here and it arrives on a full moon and amidst the beginning of a holiday season.  Tonight after the final drive home it will be time to slow down.  I want to visit some of the local merchants in Gig Harbor.  The main street is being nicely decorated and looking festive.  The merchants have all planned to stay open until 8 pm on Fridays this month.  Celebrations are fun whatever the reason.  Bright lights in the face of winter darkness is a brief respite for the psyche.  Picking out a small special gift for someone you love is a joy.  Changing gears after concentrating on problem solving and searching for remedy is an ingredient necessary for survival.  

Planning to sleep in just a bit on Saturday is ....  bliss!  A good week end to all!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the quiet house

The grown kids have returned to their busy lives.  The house is quiet again and slips back into the usual routines.   The young adults are back to their usual life as well.  Their 'usual' is different... their heads are busy thinking about how to survive the current economic disaster in order to move on to successful careers and family.  They think about growth and the future while I fret about retirement.  However, while we were all together we kept the world at bay for awhile...basking in the pure joy of each other's laughter, stories and company.  I never tire of listening to my young people speculate about and plan for life.  How did everyone grow up so quickly?  

My son has become quite accomplished in the kitchen and produced a magnificent pumpkin soup (served in the scooped shell).  It was steamy warm, thick and absolutely delicious ~ hearty soup with mysterious herbs and spices....perhaps a hint of cajun.  It was a delightful surprise.  I always think of my family as forever young and as if I were not watching....they all grew up: honest, kind,  hard working and creative.  My life treasures!  That makes the quiet of the house seem 'ok'...the odd reward of a job completed.