Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Then There Was Oregon!

I am moving AGAIN!  Still in the high desert but in a different state and with more that is green and lakes that still have water in them.  As a matter of fact I will be living next to a small lake that is the three season home to all kinds of water fowl, including Pelicans and many varieties of ducks.  
I hate to admit it but it is a retirement community. If we are lucky, age catches us all.   I can actually afford to live there and that is a huge relief.  I bought my own little manufactured home. It faces the lake.  There is a large wheat field behind the house.  this place is a quiet little speck on the map but close enough to get to things one needs in life.  Feels as though I can exhale and write again.  :)  Move happens in November.  Think I found the middle ground that I've been seeking.  Close to friends and family in three states minus the harsh winters of New England.  Let the packing begin!