Thursday, March 13, 2008

Waiting for Spring

There is only perhaps 6 to 8 inches of snow left (if one ignores the snow banks on the side of the road). Those canoes, hibernating on the shore of a near by pond, lie in a sleepy doze, waiting for Spring and their owners to return. Patience! The advent of Spring's arrival is a mere week away and Summer follows warmly in her foot steps. We, here in one of the country's cold zones, are ready to welcome the sister seasons with open arms.

This morning my coon hound again managed to tangle himself if in the lead on his run. I mumbled curse words as I trudged out to release him. Then I noticed a pleasant crunch to the ice and snow pack -something that gave way! Not the same forbidding solid mass that threatens bones. I could see real ground at the base of the old apple tree. How glorious. I stopped cussing. After all the Reb-miester is a hound - he follows his nose. This morning that nose helped me see 'the forest through the trees' and BEHOLD THE EARTH - Eureka! :)

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