Monday, September 2, 2013

Driving in the Fast Lane

Yesterday was the end of one of the most remarkable week-ends that I have had in a long, long time.  So after writing that I would not make any more diary entries, I'm going to do just that!

First the Tall Texan asked me to join him at Reno's Rib Festival.  Was that a delicious, aromatic evening or what!  Rib vendors for all over the US.  Armadillos got my vote (due to a four star recommendation from the Tall Texan's mom) but by aroma alone so many were so good it is an almost an impossible to name the best.  If you are ever in Reno toward the end of August this event is definitely a must do.  Next month will be Street Vibrations.  Thousands of motorcyclists descend on Reno (and Virginia City) for the week long event...another must do!

But the seriously great part of the week-end happened at home.  The Tall Texan worked magic with the MX5 Miata.  The roadster now has new (to it) carpet, honest to goodness door panels, cup holder etc. The seats need to be replaced but that is very low  on the "To Do List".  Next we are upgrading the suspension, getting the alignment just right, putting in a roll-bar and a harness, putting on a hard top, up-grading the exhaust (we currently have a 1.8 L engine on a 1.6 L exhaust system ~ very restrictive), four point sway control and then paint it and put it on the track with other Miatas.  The Tall Texan is a canyon racer.  Not I ~ I'm still learning heel toe down shifting...and struggling!  He'll use the Miata for the canyons and I'm going to learn to race on the track with other little Miatas...eventually.  :)  Yesterday I had my first experience with canyon racing.  We went up Six Mile Canyon and down the Gieger Grade.  It was very fast and those hairpin curves at 60 miles an hour can be unbelievably breath-taking RUSH!  I simply don't have the life-time left to learn to do that kind of driving nor do I have the physical strength.  Still it was amazing to be a passenger.  I totally get the adrenaline rush of the whole thing. The Tall Texan doesn't get the rush.  The managing of the road, curves and car make him "feel good"...I heard pilots and surgeons say the same nonchalant thing.  OK, but it was a major thrill for me.  

Before we even put ourselves into the Miata we'd been riding our bikes for several hours.  What a day.  The Tall Texan is an excellent coach and helped this 65 year old over come anxiety I've managed to develop about riding in traffic.  And I was able to watch him manage his sports bike.  Wow.  How nice to be 25 and enjoy competence at so many sports and yet be calm, cool, collected and kind.

 I am determined to put a camera mount in the MX5 and on my bike. I'm not the Driver but would love to document the Tall Texan behind the wheel. Of course he knows how to take a car completely apart and put it back together again so he knows what his vehicles can or should be able to do.

 After last night's drive going sky diving (now on the bucket list) seems not such a big deal! :)