Sunday, November 4, 2007

48 days to Hibernation

There are several ponds and lakes in my neighborhood. The water level has been dropped in the one nearest to my home to allow those that dwell on the shore to attend to the maintenance of thier docks and to put boats away for the winter. Small pond docks are stranded on the land above the water. They look ungainly and a bit woeful. I imagine that those docks are in a state of hibernation - waiting for the warmer, more playful weather in the Spring. It is a wonder that the winter winds don't topple them. Snow flurries are expected this week. I'll have to revisit the shore when the docks have a mantle of ice and snow.
Forty-eight days until Old Man Winter blows into town. The weather people are saying a warmer than normal season. Does that mean more snow or less snow? The docks and I would like to know.

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