Monday, November 12, 2007

Wood Stove Lust

A confession: I've been cruising the internet! I lust after a new wood stove. The one that sits in the living room is OLD and as I am also old having two of us in one small house is one too many! This is a high maintenance "appliance". Someone had to find, cut and transport the wood here and then when it got here it had to be stacked. But this stove is inefficient and goobles up wood. I need the stove and loath it. I love the warmth when it finally gives off heat but it is a pain to get that heat. It takes 3 to four trips to the wood pile to get enough to get through 24 hour period - unstacking and restacking. (Ok, I'll grant you, that all the stacking and restacking is healthy exercise.) And did I mention worrying about creosote and chimney fires! The wood disappears in the the hole in the top and is all to quickly turned to ash. So I cruised the net - pretending that this was my house and that I had several thousand dollars just lying around waiting to be invested in a easily loaded - easily cleaned - EFFICIENT burning attractive wood stove with glass front doors - all the nicer to read and sip a glass of wine while viewing the flame. So my life has come to this....
But the parrot is happy - I moved her cage to the room with this beast of a wood stove. Great, I feel better already! :-/