Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Aged Tree

An aged Maple tree off the sun porch has been preparing for winter. The one photo was taken a month ago. A blush of color. Then last week a progession to more color and fewer leaves. Now she's all bark and limbs. I listen to that old tree groan at night when a wind starts up and hope it's leaves did their work so that old girl will be flush with greenery in the Spring. Last night I found myself wishing that she had a bevy of sisters to block the cold wind that seeps in around the windows. It's only in the 20's and already I'm moaning. Although I'm not old like that venerable tree, I'm an aging Boomer. In January...20 below zero will make this seem like an island holiday.

Tonight I put a fan on the wood stove to move the heat to the rest of the house. Figuring out my carbon foot print is going to be dismal work indeed. I'm trying to keep the parrot warm...I kid you not! She is upstairs and on the Grandmother Maple's side of the house. Still it's drafty. The bird didn't vote for the move here. I have a steward's obligation to keep this tropical companion at some reasonable level of comfort. Bird warmth, burn wood, use electricy...so many decisions.

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