Thursday, November 15, 2007

Son from the West!

He called this evening to confirm his flight. Joy! This is a trip of devotion, he loves the warmth and cheerfulness of California, still he journeys east to visit for the holiday. The man holds family and friends dear. He'll be cold and feel the isolation of this quiet place in the forest but still he is venturing across the country.

Ah the list: make up the bed, vaccum up the cat hair, pick up milk and other food (he'll probably want to do something silly -like eat). Did you notice that there are a lot of 'ups' in that list - wonder what that means.

It's a long, slow dark drive to the airport. There are no good west-east roads from here. It will call for coffee as I'm usually sound asleep at the time his plane arrives. It will be early evening on his California biological time clock. But at least he will be awake and that will help me stay awake at the wheel for the drive back to the woods.

If you ever listen to Garrison Keillor, today there is an interesting, wistful, reminiscence poem from his site on the Public Radio Site today:

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