Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Icy Fingers

The chill of the season is here. Tuesday the usual chaos followed the first snow...drivers moving too fast for freezing rain, slush and black ice. The wind was brisk, reminding all of us of what lie ahead in January. We in rural New England complain about the bother of the weather but I think we feel stronger as the cold tests our fortitude. We feel sturdy for a season.

Have done much research about burning wood and the effects of smoke on humans and the environment. To be honest, I'm too tired to share tonight. Perhaps tomorrow.

Thanksgiving is upon us. Mine will be quiet. The Son of the West returns on Friday night. The slow cooker will provide for he, a friend and I. Something aromatic and tasty but not Turkey. He will have the Turkey and trimmings while in Boston.

If I am of this world next year (taking nothing for granted) I plan to travel on the holiday - for all the rest of my life, while I am able. And why not?

Travel or not, a moment to reflect: I'm deeply thankful for the health of both my sons; thankful for my friends who are there through thick and thin and thankful for my critter companions as well as this drafty old house for sheltering us.

As my grade school principal noted on our graduation to high school (there was not a jr. high in this convent boarding school): "Upward and Onward"...

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