Friday, November 23, 2007

new and old growth forests

The woods here are primarily new growth forest. The area once had thriving woolen and saw mills. The old forest disappeared before anyone had words to describe what kind of woods covered this part of the earth. Here is a link to a Rolling Stones article about old growth forests in Oregon. The photos displayed and the activist described is interesting:
Regardless how one feels about the tactics of various activists, it's strategic to view the world from their perspective. As Steinbeck suggested in the "Grapes of Wrath" - get in their skin and walk around awhile. Is there a part of their story or belief system that we should hear? They embody life's battles: rich vs. poor; passion vs. profit; young vs. old; stable community vs. wandering community. Humans rarely care for self-proclaimed prophets. Their visions seem extreme and uncomfortable. I have come though to believe that there is a middle ground of some sort to most issues (save religious conviction of the fundamentalist variety). The compass that directs the way to the middle ground involves listening to both sides. Improved and more tolerant listening may just be a key survival skill.

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