Sunday, October 25, 2009

A view from the kitchen

"Work is a means of living, but it is not living." ~ J.G. Holland

So many leafs have fallen that I can see the Sound and University Place (a city adjacent to Tacoma).  Now occasionally I see my neighbors as the thicket that surrounds each of our homes thins.  After the isolation of my original Wildwood Retreat and the density of the Central Valley, the peace of this place with its now not so hidden neighborhood is soothing.  This will not be a final move though as this tranquil nook is too far from basic shopping needs (adds to the expense of living here) and my friends.  Still it will be pleasant to be here for a year or two.

Work absorbs most of my waking moments.  Have some small projects at home that need to be completed: heavy drapes across the wall of windows for the winter ~ to keep the cold air outside; organize personal files ... that sort of thing.  Am taking a history course and have promised myself to also learn Photoshop this winter.  But for now  much has been been put on hold in order to complete policy and procedures that have been requested.  And there is a course on understanding dementia that needs to be given and I must find all my notes and references and prepare the materials.  Many hours spent commuting and work after work (so to speak) conspire to eat up the days.  My usual habit of getting out on week ends to explore and photograph what I see has been disrupted.  That makes me a bit sad but it will all pass eventually.

Today the fence for the dog area must be expanded to provide a bit more running room for my canine friends.  I'm hoping the rain will hold off until a later this morning.  On that note time to get in some exercise, have breakfast, fix the fence, glance at the Sunday paper and then "work on work"...ready, set, go.....

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