Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Rainy Season

Those of us who are weather watchers observed a day that was solidly cloudy all day yesterday.  Where, we wondered, was the partial sunny day that the folks on TV had so gleefully reported in the early hours of the morning?  We knew the remnants of a typhoon was circling back this way.  The rain is coming.  This morning it is here.  The beginning of a week long soaking.  High wind is the traveling companion.  Say good bye to the colorful leafs.  The organic gardener has arrived...pruning shears in hand.

My son, a grad student in California, tells me that there is much talk of flooding in his coastal town.  Poor parched California.  Her earth won't know what to do with a down pour of inches of moisture.  She will just roll in onto the homes and streets and turn hill sides in to mud slides.

The Green River Valley in this part of the world waits anxiously as the Rainy Season begins.  The dam at the head of the river is leaking.  The officials of the State are telling us that it is likely to give sometime this winter. Thousands of homes and their occupants are at risk.  The word Infrastructure leaps to mind.  Where oh where are the dollars to repair what needs repair?  Light bulbs do not last forever but we thinks dams will.  The official 'we' and the voting 'we' can be silly.  Sometimes our silliness and lack of planning lead to terrible problems.  Rain - a frequent and absolutely necessary element  on our precious earth may soon remind us of the need to plan.

We wait....

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Donna said...

Planning...It's a must! Hope your Son fairs well. I saw the pictures of all the flooding!!hughugs