Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Musing

The clock is silently ticking as I sip the last few drops of the morning coffee and run the tasks of the day through my mind.  It is time to walk the dogs and run one errand...take the rent check to the post office.  There are two nature walks near by and I've yet to explore either~ the plan to is pick one and give it a bit of attention.  Time to get the camera and head out.  What color remains of summer as Autum settles in for her tenure?  What birds and insects hunt for their next meal on those pathways? Then there is a report to be written about a site visit from last week.  It needed my attention yesterday but I was sleepy and perhaps too lazy to attend to business.  The day of reckoning has arrived and duty demands my attention ~ alas, even on the week-end.

My friend and I have been discussing retirement.  We are the same age.  She is thinking that she will officially retire in 2010.  Although I yearn to do so, I know I can not.  The economic down turn devastated those plans and so I continue.  I am blessed with loving my profession and currently work for a great company so continuing to  work is not truly a hardship.  But retirement is a siren's song none the less.  It would be good to have time to work on photography and writing something other than reports, to sleep in or stay up late and not fret about the consequences.  I've been working for 45 years.  At some point enough is enough.  I think I will be just a little envious if she really retires as she currently plans.

It is just a bit chilly here this morning.  The house is heated by electric wall units in each room.  This morning I   put the electric space heater (carried all the way from the original Wild Woods) in the office.  The wall unit in here makes the room too hot.  A wood stove (yes, I am mindful of the pollution) would be nice this morning. Funny the things I sometimes miss that aspect of my life in New England.  Wood stoves are so much work but I  miss the heat, the crackle, the aroma and even the rhythm of stacking wood.

Time to get on with the day.

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Donna said...

I hope that you are able to retire while you can still enjoy it. I retired after working full time for 40 years (since age 15 - yes, thru parts of high school and all of college). It is a wonderful sense of freedom. I did a temporary consulting job since retiring and may do so again soon. The extra money is nice, but time is the most precious commodity of all.