Friday, March 6, 2009


Friday, glorius Friday. No matter what happens today it is the end of the work week and we all know we can begin to exhale.

It continues to rain here in the Central Valley. There is a small jungle growing in what was a barren back yard. I believe I am going to have to buy something to trim it down a bit ! how amazing to even be considering that possiblity.

This blogger's Mother is coming for a visit. This is a FIRST in many decades. Sign of the times. Wonder how many households will merge in the coming next few years? The Mother person is very conservative, and like my sister, quotes Republican pundits to me with some regularity. I am sitting somewhere else politically ~ probably more aptly described as some kind of a Libertarian. Am rather unhappy with big sloppy government no matter who is running the show. I think the country is in the grip of a suffocating myopia driven by the "entitled" (described as such by those who have not as much) and segment of supporters of the have nots. Will this odd group of opponents will be the demise of the middle class as we have known it? Ah well, keep your seat belts on while we search for a driver who has a well marked road map that may steers us away for financial disaster. From my shot gun position (that is one, who comments from the side lines is and is engaged in back seat driving) it appears that all roads currently lead to cliffs. Anyone out there who is not a lemming may want to re-listen to the options being put forward. Wonder if there is a driver with a loud voice (to be heard over the partisan noise) who cares less about regulation and more about allowing a free market economy to work. It will be painful no matter what. But we will come out of this with fewer impossible regulations. Okay a little more coffee and off to work.

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