Friday, March 27, 2009

Floral Sunrise!

It's Friday. The day is just beginning and we (that's the royal we) can do anything because the weekend is standing in the doorway and strengthens us!

The office is a mess and not even Friday can make that go away. It is such a mess that will probably take eight hours of a Saturday to clean it up. That is sad and painful capitol to spend but not the end of the everything. I'll cling to Sunday for salvation of the mental health sort. The weather promises to be warm and sunny that day as well. Sunday will kiss the hurt better and carry my photo friend and I into the desert for an explore. We could not go last week end. Her domestic issues and a snow storm over the mountains conspired to put me in the car by myself. As it turned out, the brand of aloneness is familiar and also felt fine. It prompted me to take a peak at Porterville....cows, lake and agriculture. Always a sweet escape. The ablility to be comfortably alone was a gift bestowed by Wildwoods Retreat East. She is my muse and I shall be eternally gratefull to her.

Sunday is going to be hot ~ in the 80s, we will have to leave early. The anticipation of looking at the desert in the morning is its own delight. Hopefully we'll have an opportunity to photograph some windmill arrays while going over the mountains.

The 'possibilities' are the best part of the week end. So much of the work week is preordained sequence of events ~ a work place drama that swings between the pageant of life and death (the biological imperative), tempered by the mundane of administrative nonsense. Season all that with the interplay of family and staff dynamic / dysfunction (the human element) and it makes the draw of the week end an irresistible addiction.

One last thought for this lovely morning: March Maddnes continues. UNC is still in play. Tonight they face down Gonzaga. UNC all the way!

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