Sunday, March 1, 2009

Early Sunday Morning - waiting for the paper

6 AM. Time to bring the paper in and learn what has happened in the world and locally in the past 24 hours. Sipping coffee helps ease the task of sorting through all the information. Late last night I read an article about housing in Bakersfield for some 20 years hence. The population is expected to double in these parts. The focus was chatter about verdant trails that would encourage people to walk to work. The person being quoted also said people would have smaller houses and smaller order to be green and energy efficient. That would be New England...Californians ~ don't know if it will sell. But what nagged at me was the lack of discussion about water...where is that coming from for all those new households? The area is in a draught. Agriculture is suffering from the lack of water. The Central Valley is in for a tough summer. Wonder if people are ready to watch their lawns turn brown? In ten or twenty years from now how is this problem going to be remedied? How will people feel about the choking smog? The current citizens resist recycling. It makes me think of the animated movie "Wall-e" ~ What is the future of the Central Valley with little water, bad air and 350,000 more people who rarely, if ever, recycle. Time for more coffee...

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