Monday, March 30, 2009

Roaming the Desert

Roamed about the Mohave desert on Sunday. The wind was so high that it was nearly impossible to stand up straight. A friend who now lives in the Central Valley but grew up in the desert told me that people who live in the desert can't leave their windows open at night. The wind blows desert dust in and one wakens with a mouth full of fine sand.

It is amazing that life finds a way in that arid place. The Spring wears a bit of the edge off the razor thin existence of survival that hangs between freezing winters and blistering summers. Numerous small grasses and flowers lay low to the ground. These are green, gold and red splashes of color growing next to the spinney Yucca, prickly sage brush and tumble weed. Hardy tiny flowers that add grace and color to the desert floor.

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