Monday, March 16, 2009

Reality by spell checker:

My son in the far east has come up with a new definition of reality. The conversation came up while emailing each other about, of all things, "The Jetsons". He lamented the fact that life had not turned out the way it should have as evidenced by the fact that he still had to dress and feed himself. The animation, "The Jetsons", had promised us that we would have robots for all the tedium of being human. I told him Jetsons does not spell check so it can not be real. This was his reply: "Well if the spell check does not recognize Jetsons could it be that they are not real. You know I like this idea of spell check determining what is real or not. So Obama is not real also. Because to simply blame it on television is unfair because television never lies. I will prove it, on television I see stuff about America everyday, do I know America is real. Also I can see Star Wars everyday because I have it on DVD( DVDs are not real because mighty spell check says so but it says Star Wars is real so that is all that matters). Can you tell I am just being a bit nutty hehe well if you are reading this on the internet (Thank you for inventing it Al Gore) then it also must be real. So in summary to be real Television, Internet and Spell Check must all agree. "

So there you have it folks ~ a new test for reality ~ brought to you from Thailand via internet so it might be real (to verify spell check and watch the news for Thailand)....

Internet does not spell day is ruined.

PS: S.F.T.E ~ Obama spell checks on my computer....

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