Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting to Wednesday

It promises to be a fair weather day. That helps to get me out of the house and off to another day at the "office".

Am pondering things I've been reading on the blogs of Conservatives. Rush Limbaugh is the talk there these days. I belong to neither party but I have opinions of both. Rush as spokes person for the Republican Party is the kind of thing that drives so many of us way. He's not wrong about much but he always goes too far. I'm a clinical kinda gal so I think it's his history of substance abuse - what was it pain killers? Can't even remember now. His life or comments rarely register deeply with me. I can't listen to bluster. Obama lacks bluster. It will draw in millions. The Conservatives need one voice out there that does not rely on bluster ~ someone who understand public speaking to calm the fears of the public. Rush ignites fear and it will erode confidence. Hope they find one before the democracy built on a free capitalist economy disappears forever. Hence the photo - grasses ~ blowing in the breeze!

On that note...time to go to work.

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