Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the quiet house

The grown kids have returned to their busy lives.  The house is quiet again and slips back into the usual routines.   The young adults are back to their usual life as well.  Their 'usual' is different... their heads are busy thinking about how to survive the current economic disaster in order to move on to successful careers and family.  They think about growth and the future while I fret about retirement.  However, while we were all together we kept the world at bay for awhile...basking in the pure joy of each other's laughter, stories and company.  I never tire of listening to my young people speculate about and plan for life.  How did everyone grow up so quickly?  

My son has become quite accomplished in the kitchen and produced a magnificent pumpkin soup (served in the scooped shell).  It was steamy warm, thick and absolutely delicious ~ hearty soup with mysterious herbs and spices....perhaps a hint of cajun.  It was a delightful surprise.  I always think of my family as forever young and as if I were not watching....they all grew up: honest, kind,  hard working and creative.  My life treasures!  That makes the quiet of the house seem 'ok'...the odd reward of a job completed.

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Donna said...

Beautifully said...Glad you had such a wonderful time!!hughugs