Monday, November 30, 2009

a good place to read

Saturday my visiting family and I traveled up to Bainbridge Island.  My California kin were chilled to the bone by our damp cool Northwest weather but they warmed up quickly with a tasty meal at Winslow's and then we nourished our heart and souls by book browsing at the Eagle Harbor Book Co. across the street.  What a gem of a book store!  The interior is bright and warm with enough room to move around and yet see all that is new to read.  There are great selections along with little nooks to sit and read a bit. It is exactly what a book store should be ~ even has one section dedicated to the many authors that live on the Island....and I might add that is quite a number.  There are also some whimsical stocking stuffers arranged here and there through out the store.  If you find yourself in Seattle, hop on the ferry to Bainbridge and visit this neat little store.

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Paul Auterio Hanson said...

Thank you for the good words. Come back and see us anytime!
Yours in Books,
Paul Hanson
Eagle Harbor Book Co.