Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday at last...

I am busy and happy but I am also thrilled that it is Friday once again.  My favorite day of the week is here and it arrives on a full moon and amidst the beginning of a holiday season.  Tonight after the final drive home it will be time to slow down.  I want to visit some of the local merchants in Gig Harbor.  The main street is being nicely decorated and looking festive.  The merchants have all planned to stay open until 8 pm on Fridays this month.  Celebrations are fun whatever the reason.  Bright lights in the face of winter darkness is a brief respite for the psyche.  Picking out a small special gift for someone you love is a joy.  Changing gears after concentrating on problem solving and searching for remedy is an ingredient necessary for survival.  

Planning to sleep in just a bit on Saturday is ....  bliss!  A good week end to all!

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