Saturday, December 5, 2009

mushrooms, rest and dreams etc

The day began with a crisp,cold nip in the air and the weatherman just informed me that the high will be about 37F.  The early morning fog is beginning to lift and light clouds have vanished.  It is Saturday and my day of rest.  The house needs cleaning but it can wait.  Soft classical music plays in the background.  The dogs are enjoying simply lying around in their self-appointed spots and even the bad boy parrot is chirping quietly at the visiting birds outside his window.  Shalom ba byit (a rough transliteration for peace of the household).

"The kiss of the sun for pardon,
      The song of the birds for mirth --
                   One is nearest God's Heart in the garden
  Than anywhere else on earth."
~ Dorothy Guerney (1858 - 1932)

A brief walk outside informed me that the yard is full of autumn mushrooms.  I will have to look all these up:

I cleared out the part of the yard that the dogs use ~ but the rest were left in place.  Their shapes and color are fascinating.  I understand completely the belief that fairies live under them...sort wish they did.

The roses in the front of the house continue to bloom. The angelica is in full bloom in spite of the cold and earlier frosts.

Purple ice pansies standing guard at the front door are over-flowing their pot.

" 'We were walking along in the changing-time'  Doc said.  Any day now the change will come.  It's going to turn from hot to cold.' " 
The Wild Net and Other Stories
~ Gabrielle Roy

Winter's arrival is just 16 days away.  The 'hot ' is long gone and will be long in it's return.  My co-workers talk of putting studded tires on the car.  The New England in my mind can't fathom it.  'For several inches of snow?' it queries me.  'Isn't that why God invented the Subaru all wheel drive'?    So, at least for today, I will relax with the knowledge that somehow I managed many feet of snow for many years with my trusty Subarus.

One last note.  I had vivid dreams last night.  Didn't want to give into the insistence of the dogs that it was time that be let out and breakfast be served to was sad to leave that dream land world.  But back to the dream.  I was back in the Acworth, NH house.  A thick blanket of snow was on the ground.  The river was iced in and silent.  It all felt to real and so normal.  Every guest room was filled with friends, old and new.  There was laughter and conversation through out the house.  We sipped on hot coffee and teas and talked about the world.  I must be a bit homesick after having the kids here for the holiday.  Am feeling not so much blue as wistful.  Missing an old home.  Moving is out of the question.  Far too expensive and I can't take my job with me. The new friends would be left behind.  Ah life....

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Donna said...

I Love the orange colored mushroom! And if you get too "wistful", just get Back on your blog and write some More! You do it beautifully!
Happy and safe week to you sweetheart!!hughugs