Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watching me watching him

Perhaps the sunflower seeds were not to his liking or maybe it is the constant chatter from the parrot but this tiny friend is perched outside the window peering in at the early Sunday morning household.  The sun does not rise here until about 7:42 am.  The daylight is elusive and brief.  Hurry up little guy ~ fill up now as sunset is less than 8 hours away.

"Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin up in a high wind" 
Pincher Martin
~William Golding 

Sleep was also elusive so no 'sorting' done last night.  My little chihuahua-pug mix was up all night.  She sometimes has a delicate tummy and sometimes even her regular diet sets her off.  She climbs up on the bed and paces over me (like a cat) to let me know she needs to be let out of doors.  Tiny insistent feet demanding that I rise from slumber and attend to business...happened perhaps five times during the night.  Now I would like to call it a day and sleep all day but there is work to be done and therefore retreat is not an option.  Must make the long drive to BI and finish an audit.  The staff will be dismayed to see me on a week end.  Usually my presence means I am observing and teaching.  Today is a paper day.  Did the clinical documentation happen as it was suppose to have?

Am reading "Stones into Schools"by Greg Mortenson.  About educating the youth of Afghanistan.  Very interesting.

Okay, it is off to the world.  A peaceful Sunday to all.

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