Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning thoughts

For me at least, it is easier to write in the earlier morning hours. Short stories, poems and posts all seem to clamor to live on a page just before the sun comes up. This morning I am calculating how many more boxes it will take to move my life from one location to another. I found my winter clothing this morning. Puget Sound can be nippy in the winter but it does not usually have the snow storms that blow through New England – well in quantity of snow that is. Still as I pack my belongings or decide which to give away, I find that I am happy to have uncover gloves, mittens, a woolen scarf, and amazingly enough my boots. I don’t know why I held on to those when the woolen coat resides elsewhere in the world now. Like meeting an old friend, I am happy to see those warm although worn example of winter foot apparel. I am aware of my own occasional stray anxious thought about the place I move to in a week’s time. The house is all electric. Should I get a generator? I wonder why there isn’t a gas stove to warm the house if the electric fails. Perhaps the Island does not allow propane? That’s the New Englander in me fretting about weather and winter. My memory strays to stacking wood in the original Wild Woods – wood the sentinel that stands against snowy assaults. One can live in any environment if proper plans have been made. Even there I would have preferred to have a gas stove but it was not an option at the time.

Last night I chatted with my eldest son on the internet. He lives in Asia. I think he will stay there – he’s found a place he loves. He’s a teacher and is himself a perennial student of sorts. There is something in Asia that has won his heart. We discuss politics and he shares what he has seen and what he has learned. He is my world tour guide. He will be home in a month. I can barely wait to see him. My youngest son is in Vermont working as the camera man on a shoot for a potential reality TV show. His lovely girl friend is the producer. It is their first project together…which is exciting in and of itself! I look forward to hearing all about this adventure. I don’t watch reality TV shows but I wouldn’t miss this one if it is a “go”.

So it is time to finish the morning coffee and begin another day of getting ready for a move! I know I am blessed to have these options in my life. And I am blessed to have my wonderful, kind and gentle sons. In my heart of hearts I am hoping that this is my last move but don’t hold me to this thought. Who knows what life will put on the path.

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Donna said...

They sound like Wonderful Sons! My hat is off to you sweetie!!hughugs