Monday, July 13, 2009

End of Another Day

"Down sank the great red sun, and in golden, glimmering vapors ..."

~ Longfellow

The heat is dense and persistent. The day is done but the work...the work is endless. This place called home is a jumbled mess: boxes, tape, goods every where. Down-sizing. So easy to say and type and so difficult to actually do. In fact, belongings have been whittled down over the past four years. This will be a compact move. If not used with in a year's time, it is not likely to be used again. Some possessions sent to grown children, others off to the Goodwill and a few to friends - recycled in some one's life other than mine. The exception - the books. But even some of those have parted from my ownership. It is interesting to note the loss of a sense of burden with the diminishing possessions.

To all of you calling the day to an end - sleep well.


Donna said...

I could Never let go of my books either!
Don't work too hard!!hughugs

WR said...

Thanks for your encouragement! :-)

Mary said...

I used to really hang on to books, but have begun to get rid of any that I know I won't reread. There are always so many new ones to read and the library gets to dust them rather then me. I often wish I could get rid of fully half or more of the belongings in our house! Stuff...I don't want it any more....especially if I have to dust it!

WR said...

Hi Mary:
I think you are quite right abut hanging on to things that have to be dusted - in fact that should be the litmus test to see if an object stays or goes! :)