Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early Morning Musing...

All the plants in the photo above have been"re-homed". The back yard is barren - well not quite, there is a plethora of tumble weeds but they will die and blow off with this new wave of heat. But at least the patio plants have a good home with another plant lady! :) The many shelves of books are almost packed - then it is on the the kitchen. Only the essentials will be left out. With the passage of time, a busy life and living as a single person I find I like cooking less and less. Other than when someone comes to visit I simply don't cook any more. It is primarily cook books that have gone on to be recycled too.

Leaving the Central Valley is not difficult. Too hot, too arid and too dusty for me - perfect for growing allergies. Leaving the people is another matter. This morning however, I realized that one of the wonderful things that my profession has given me is a wealth of daughters. Perhaps now more than any other time, as I am an older nurse. Most of my career goals have been met and now I spend my time not only working on work but also helping younger women (nurses and other administrative personnel) obtain their goals. In the process, I have a rich opportunity to get to know them as people, to see their lives in the context of family, problems, victories, joys and sorrows. It is a special joy to bear witness to their lives. To help them grow stronger as health care professionals and to make good friends along the way. It is a special blessing and one for which I am deeply grateful.

Have a peaceful day and I hope you have weather temperatures less than a 104F! :)


Mary said...

Packing and moving....such work! When will you actually leave? I agree on the cooking....I seem to do less and less of it and would just as soon have a bowl of cereal and save the work. Sounds like your profession has been very rewarding.

WR said...

Am heading out of the Valley and on to the North-West in about 9 days or so.

Cereal for dinner - that sounds about right to me!!! :-)