Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost done - again

I know this looks bad but that's all that's left to organize and pack! Just a few tasks left to do and by Wednesday I will be headed north on a coastal route once past Sacramento. About 1000 miles to Puget Sound. Bliss!


T and S said...

1000 miles, sounds awesome. Have a wonderful trip...Thomas

Donna said...

I have gone back through your older postings and have Loved the "trip"!! I was born in CT and visited every Summer with parents, in Old Mystic(family still there). Nice blog! I was an LVN in earlier days before giving it All up...;0) help out in the family plumbing business (not much different from OB-GYN...hahaa...)
Thanks for the journey! I really enjoy the "reading" of it!
Happy day sweetie!hughugs