Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughts About "The Cleanse"

My son and I began a Master Cleanse (which is something of a fast in that all one has is fluids with lemon juice, maple syrup, herbs and fiber). We began the journey on Saturday morning. It is now Tuesday morning, a back to work day following the Memorial Day holiday yesterday. Thus I’ve completed three of five days. Friday night I could not imagine how I was going to make it through one day let alone five. This morning I’m blogging to say it is very possible. I “Feel G-R-E-A-T”! We combined the Master cleanse protocol with an herb cleanse. I dumped a ton of excess fluid, my skin is glowing (that must have something to do with the liver cleanse and herbs). I am also struck by how much I was spending time thinking about the next meal or snack. Too much TV watching to be healthy! That certainly would be true for me and perhaps most of the people in the U.S. I am very aware of the food sales on TV now and how difficult it is watch a single program without being bombarded by ads for food – most of it junk food. So here is the big decision of the day. Get rid of cable. Use the TV for news (such as it is) and record any shows I usually watch (there are two). Other than that the TV should not be on at all. Well, I take that back, I am going to use Wii Fit. It almost feels as though I’m exercising with someone else and that helps get the job done. So it is back to a whole foods life for me.

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