Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Poet!

May's Lily of the Valley echo many memories for me. The Poet from NJ just celebrated his birthday. I know him only from his poems. For many years (17) I gave Lily of the Valley to a former lover/partner. These little gems of tender white bell shape are not always easy to find as the weather in New England can be whimsical and snow when one least expects it. Still I came to love the Spring jewels...even while the relationship faltered and then died. So Poet, thank you for reminding me of the wonder and power of words, memory and a once tender and cherished love.

These mountain wildflowers are for you! Enjoy! :-) Happy Belated Birthday!

Gentle Reader:
Should you be curious you will find this man's well formed poetic thoughts to electronic page at Hope you enjoy too! Happy Un-birthday to the Rest of US.

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