Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Peace of Saturday

"No canvass absorbs color like memory."
Saturday and it is raining. The sound of rain on the yard is sweet. The computer sits near the window and even in the dark of early morning the rain is musical and playful - just out of reach. Remembering boys growing up. The sun just thinking about rising and little children whispering in their rooms. Past Saturdays that promised soccer games and friends and perhaps a favorite TV cartoon show. Rain or no, soccer happened. The whisperers are long gone. They are out in the world doing busy grown up things. Mom is at home with the critters. Dogs, cats and birds that are all still asleep.

Just the Mom, with grown children who are else where, and her keyboard are up - listening to rain. Thinking about fleeting past moments and moments to come. There is a bike in the other room waiting silently for it's passenger and a DVD that will coax the watcher with a bit of yoga. Odd how one can still learn things about the body even in the 6th decade. The mind is imagining the back yard with grass and flower beds. Something that helps ease the blistering heat of the summer that is knocking on the door. Making rounds at the local garden shops is on the to do list. 'What grows here? What is draught hardy?' A small smile...for all my complaints about the heat and the dry unforgiving climate, there is a reward! The patio tomato plant is exploding in growth and already four small flowers have appeared - in May. It is a lovely thing to be amazed in the 6th decade.

Exercise and Stretch are calling from the other room. Then the list making. Time to think and write out the Must Do of the day. All the check marks that must be attended to before I can call the week end my own: laundry, cleaning, rent and other bills, a bit of study (the work week nearly crushes any opportunity to think about history and language), and a vanity (manicure). Sunday will be free for a journey and photography. What will be seen and digitally captured? That is the incentive and the prize for getting Saturday organized.

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