Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Testing....five more days

"The Socialists believe in two things which are absolutely different and even contradictory: freedom and organization."  ~ Elie Halevy

Why, one might wonder, am I writing about Socialists so early in the morning?   This little musing has nothing to do with political thought.  In fact very little thought of any sort is going in to it.  It was the mention of  contradiction between freedom and organization that caught my mind's eye.  I 've been cleaning and 'organizing' the house.  I was almost ready to buy the myth that I created....the one that spins a little lie that I will always keep the house this tidy and organized.  What a horse's ......      It will be pleasant to come home to a tidy home and my friend from Boston (traveling with me on vacation) will be momentarily be in shock when she sees the hotel like order in the house.  But will I adopt this  as a forever commitment to order and organization...probably not so much.

 Perhaps disorder is the pressure relief valve for the imposed order of my work?  That rationale will work for now.  In any case, the house looks someone with a stay at home wife lives here.  That "look" won't last, but then nothing ever does.


Dr. Jay SW said...

Complete freedom and perfect organization are both unattainable and, probably, undesirable. Ultimately, everybody makes endless compromises between the two...

WR said...

perhaps the perfection is in the ability to compromise?