Saturday, May 15, 2010

saturday quiet

Have finally figured out how to import photos to Wildwoods!   "One small step..."  :-)  

Have been up since 3:30 A.M. pondering a dilemma at work.  I think I've figured out how to calm a tense situation down but now I'm tired of problem-solving.  This week-end is devoted to organizing the house and getting packed.  My  travel companion arrives on Thursday and it would probably be the civilized thing pick-up the accumulated clutter from the combination library / guest room.  My home office desk is also a bit (tastefully understated) of a disaster and needs some attention before I leave.  Have to figure out what to pack.  Luckily I'm traveling with someone who isn't into fancy and that is a relief.  My birds are going to a friend's house tomorrow.  The dogs to  kennel on Friday.  Then we just have to get to the pier on Saturday....

Once the business of getting ready to stop working for a while is attended to I will spend more time with photos.  Making this transition (to a Mac) is not as formidable as I thought it would be ~ learning the truth once again of "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself".

The sun is coming up.  The sky to the northwest is a shimmering pale pink.  Another day begins.


Donna said...

Tidying up before a trip is always a great idea, even if you're not going to have company. It makes your homecoming even sweeter!

Donna said...

You just have a Wonderful time! Things Always get sorted out!!