Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Learning Curves

5:30 A.M. and I sit here in a semi-dark room attempting to learn a new computer system.  My son tells me the learning curve for switching from PC to Mac is steep but that I that should feel comfortable in about two weeks.  Steep... feels like the cyber-equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest!  I'm telling myself that this electronic experiment is just the kind of irritation that the brain needs to develop new neural pathways.  In spite of myself, I am having fun (in a slightly frustrated kind of way) ~ learning something akin to a new language. Also having some thought of what I might feel in "two weeks" is intriguing in and of itself.  Part of the learning involves learning how to retrieve photos and attach ....oh yes (note to self), have to take new photos  as the old silent and  dark PC has my more recent photos in lock down.  

Two more weeks until vacation.  The count down beings in earnest.  Am weary to my bone marrow and look forward to spending time 'cruising', talking until the wee hours of the morning with my friend and photographing glaciers.  Cell phones off....ahhhh what a relief that  will be.   

The Northwest is 'doing Spring'.  It is a bit warmer and the trees are completely leafed out.  It is green, fresh and beautiful.  From my little home office window the world seems a serene place ~ far from the trials of rotten economies, political turmoil, global hunger, wars and the tragedy of oil spills.  It would  be so easy to become a hermit.  Not productive, ethical, or even  moral ~ but definitely EASY.  On that note, it is time to suit up and journey into elder care as done in America.  


Donna said...

Sounds like your wrestling with that computer, but I know that you WILL win! LOL. And we're looking forward to seeing those NEW pictures of glaciers! Woohoo!

Donna said...

Following your journey into Mac World girl!Hahaa...Closely!!

WR said...

It is all beginning to fall into place. I will have to get Photo Shop Elements for Mac but am using Open Office for word processing and it is free, So far so good!

Hope you are both well and happy and had a great Mother's Day. I'll catch up with your blogs this week end when I can slow down a bit!