Wednesday, November 18, 2009

an old dog learns new tricks!

Have been teaching a course to care givers about caring for people with diseases that have dementia as a symptom (usually that's Alzheimer's disease but there are some 40 other diseases with that component).  Because there are so many who need the training and I wish to  1) not strip the units of staff and 2) not drive over time through the roof - decided to give the 8 hour training in 16 ~ 1/2 hour sessions.  It is soooo interesting to see how it is working.  It means stretching a course normally done in one long day or perhaps two 4 hour days into snippets.  The enthusiasm is higher among the participants.  People are actually amazed that time passes so quickly.  There is less time for questions but we manage to get a few in and no one stares off into space or falls asleep.  :-)  I'm betting I will see higher retention rates.  If individuals only retain 15 minutes worth of an hour lecture ~ so 25% retention, might these folks retain 50% or more with a half hour lecture?  The tricky part for me is to stop at the same spot for each session so people can get to the next part regardless of which day it is given.  Had to rewrite my entire course and put it all on index cards: part A on Mondays and Tuesday in 4 half hour sessions  and Part B on Wednesday and Thrusdays.  So far 42 people have attended class one with no over time and no short staffing on a care unit.  Pretty cool.  Will complete the entire course sometime in the beginning in Juanuary.  It will be so interesting to see the test results! Now my voice just has to hold up!


Donna said...

I'm a retired LVN and would love to be able to sit in on your class...I love seeing how others "do it!"

I remember our instructor asking the class, before our first session,"Why are YOU here?", "Tell me Why I should waste My time teaching you if All you want, as an end result, is a paycheck!"
You can only imagine the responses this brought about!!Hahaa...She was "old school" and Wonderful! I once found her crying in the breakroom...around 2am...She had taken on a cancer pt. and he had just died..."Listen to me Right now little girl...It IS alright to be involved emotionally with your patients! Never let 'em tell you any different! If you Know the pt. you'll take better care of them!" It made sense to me then and Still does...I was rewarded with SO much because I Stopped long enough to Show a pt that I gave a damn about them!

Hahaa...SORRY! I don't know Why I told you all this...

Don't work too hard Girl!

WR said...

Thank you so much for your insightful comment!!!! Sounds as though you had a great instructor ~ passion in caring makes all the difference!

Donna said...

She was! My young little mind was Very's dead now, but I'll Never forget her...Happy night sweetie!!hughugs