Saturday, November 14, 2009

the joy of old friends

I have loved the little Chickadee for many decades.  They are the hardiest of tiny souls.  All winter, even in the severe minus 30 and 40 below that the forests of New Hampshire can throw at human, beast and bird, these tiny creatures would show up in the yard and turn the bird feeder into a bustling train station.  Last night we had a frost.  This morning the new feeder finally had old friends visiting.  It is a simple joy.  Makes the new home in the Northwest feel like the old home in New England!

I am always amazed by the amount of energy they expend in seed gathering.  Chickadees do not linger at the feeder.  Each bird takes a seed and flys off to a branch to crack it open.  Then they make a bee line back to the feeder.  I suppose there is a life lesson here.

My parrot and love  bird are thrilled with the 'company' and as in New England have spent the morning chattering with the winged visitors just outside the window.


HBFG said...

Hi! You have a very cool bird feeder!!!

I hung up ours 2 days ago and guess who discovered it first? The chickadees... They ARE the best!

WR said...

GOOD MORNING! How nice to hear from you. And yes, they are the best!!!! :-)