Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sound of Water

Sometimes we don't know what it is we miss...we know only that there is an ache somewhere and that it is difficult to extinguish. While driving through and ambling about the Sequoia National Park I managed to pass several small waterfalls. The sound of that free flowing water is sweet to the ear. Listening to the water fall down it's delicate path to a pool below is a comfort. Somewhere in us, our primitive brain must hear and remember as well. Remember that water is safety and renewal. Rebirth. Perhaps that it is the genesis of so many religious ceremonies that involve water. Where there is water there is life. So simple and so complex.

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June Saville said...

So wise - water is central to we humans who are after all 90 per cent comprised of the stuff.
I hadn't thought about not being able to hear and see flowing water during snow bound winters. Silly really. But when you NEVER see snow it's a foreign concept.
June in Oz