Monday, April 13, 2009

No Fish for WR

I knew it was too late to fish as soon as I arrived. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! No fish for Wildwoods. Not one. A few nibbles but no bites. The water weeds ate several of my lures but not the fish. As for the lures, they were not my favorites. I rarely use my favorite lures. The fish must be jumping, it must be early evening, it has to be slightly cloudy and the temperature must be perfect before those little jewels leave the tackle box. Those lures are reserved for serious fishing. When I start at 11 AM - not so serious.
Watched people in bass boats float by the shore. They didn't seem to be having any luck either. WE were all too late or too early (dawn or dusk would have been the right time). Many Latino families joined the lone anglers after noon. Probably when Easter mass and dinner were over. Little children in their Easter best frolicking in the sun and dutiful parents toting multiple fishing poles. It was too much noise for serious fishing but no one bothered the children because everyone knew, even if we did not say it, that we were not seriously fishing. Seriously hoping that perhaps something would bite but not truly believing it would happen. Too much sun and warm weather slow down even large mouth bass. We were all being lazy. But we were out of doors and not in front of the TV and not arguing with spouse, not fretting about making the house payment or worrying about losing a job that might be hated but paid the bills. For a few hours it was the silliness of human versus fish (fish 1 - human 0) and the rest of the world was held at bay. All in all a perfect day.

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