Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anyone Home?

Birds, especially large ones, build nests where ever they like. This pseudo-country (lives just about 10 miles from a city) cliff dweller has pitched tent in a particularly dangerous spot. Once again Robert Frost's poem about fences comes to mind. What is being kept out here and what is kept in side the fenced yard? Does the electrical current have an effect on the babies growing up here? There are tough Valley winds here ~ how does this avian engineer put together a house of sticks and know it will last? Does it last? I don't know if this is lasts years home or if it was built recently, perhaps during the time of wild flowers. Some sights raise more questions than answers.
One does not have to have a sentient mind to have security concerns. The ancient brains worry about this ~ it appears, even small ancient brains do .

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