Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gone Fishing

Time to get out the tackle box and get it cleaned up. The last time a single cast was made was back in New England. I'm told that Bass lurk in the man-made Lake Kaweah. Bring it on! :) This is incentive to: get the gear cleaned, dust and vacuum the house, tidy the office and hit the road early tomorrow morning. If the weather and roads cooperate, I and the dogs (my companions and fishing critics) will be ready to fish at dawn. Joy! There are several goat farms out that way as well and would like to get a few snap shots of those critters on the way home. BTW, I am a catch and release angler. This isn't about eating. It is about the human brain vs the fish brain. The truth is the fish usually win.


Dr Zibbs said...

I wish I knew how to fish.

Wildwoods Retreat said...

There is fishing and there is REAllY Fishing....I just fish. It's relaxing. It is out of doors. A bit of a meditation. A inexpensive pole and tackle from Walmart or Costco and you are set. Don't even have to use live bait. Give it a try! :)