Sunday, February 1, 2009

A land of mixed messages...

February 2009!


I am warm.

Can it really be February?

It is indeed the month to celebrate Ground Hog Day and that event will be here tomorrow...the winter celebration of Valentines. No snow around the house. No harsh window creeping through the window. Almost no signs of winter in the Central Valley. It is a land of contradictions and mixed messages. Things to write about on another day: pollution, puppy mills and recycling. Finally, though, there is beauty in the mixture of urban and country, oil fields next to grazing cattle, desert and homes with tropical gardens, luxurious orchards and mounds of tumble weed. Water is scare and the air is often dirty. Still ~ there is much to admire and see here. Traveling 12 miles from home brought the surprises: some short green grasses, cows and their winter calves, country everywhere. That sweet almost spring grass ~ something hauntingly familiar in there. It is soul soothing.

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